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It's time to spread some smiles!

I’m thrilled to be starting GETDOWN.LOVE, LLC. I want to meet as many people and spread as many smiles as I possibly can with I Came To Get Down gear. I’ve already seen the way that this saying and these shirts bring out the best in people. There were approximately 140 of these shirts and the Sweetwater 420 Fest in Atlanta this past April. Over and over, I was stopped by strangers and asked about them. And each of these interactions were filled with smiles and laughter as strangers ignored traditional guardedness and enjoyed each others’ company for a few moments. And many of the fine folks that had I Came To Get Down shirts on at that festival told me similar stories of the Positive effect of these shirts.

My friend Amanda wore her I Came To Get Down Bella razor tank that weekend and had a blast interacting with people: “Wearing this shirt is always a positive experience for me. It’s never a dull time. Guaranteed to make at least one person smile and say something like “she came to get down, me too!” My response has been “always brother(or sister).” This shirt brings the party. Hell, it is the party. Comfortable, show-stopping affirmation that makes everyone smile.”

So this is really happening! Through the help my some wonderfully competent Friends the website is ready. The logo is ready. The shirts are printed and it’s time to spread some L-O-V-E and great cheer!

I thank you for reading this. I thank you for taking time to check out my gear. And I Thank You for…Coming to Get Down!


Terry Mac

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