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Our Featured HERO

Meet Susie and Brian Hoeger!

We're thrilled to announce that GETDOWN.LOVE's Featured HERO(s) are Susie and Brian Hoeger. They take their Getting Down seriously!  They are an adventurous couple that travels to foreign lands and lots of concerts, living life to the fullest and spreading smiles everywhere that they go.

Susie and Brian have also taken the time and effort to compose some of the best I Came To Get Down pictures yet.  Check out their attention to the story-telling detail in these pictures!  Well done my Friends!

Susie and Brian shared some thoughts about their approach to life and their experiences in I Came To Get Down gear, Susie’s approach is simple.  “Work hard, play hard, be kind, and kick ass in everything you do.” Brian continued "I must say that the shirt "works" better than I expected. I find that I "get down" harder and with more moxie when wearing it. And I get a constant stream of reactions from the good citizens. Everyone wins!"

Thanks Susie and Brian!  Way to inspire the rest of us and thanks for being GETDOWN.LOVE’s featured HEROs

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