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Welcome to GETDOWN.LOVE! 

For me, I CAME TO GET DOWN is a metaphor for how I want to live my life. Life is for Living!!! This saying and these shirts make me FEEL good! And in the short time that I’ve been selling I CAME TO GET DOWN gear, I’ve watched it bring out the best in people.

Come join us as we engage in Life, being Present for the best it has to offer.

GET DOWN with us!!!

Because I CAME TO GET DOWN is all about Living Life to the Fullest, we want to build a Life-Living community of people that love to GET DOWN. Please share your contact information with us so that we may send you periodic newsletters showing the creative ways that members of our community are Getting Down.


You will also receive notifications of periodic specials we are running on I CAME TO GET DOWN gear.

Making the most of every day is important to me. Some people push through various sources of hesitation to get to their adventures. In my opinion, overcoming fears and a nagging little voice that tells us to stay in our comfort zone is noble.  I even call it HEROic.


So every month here at GETDOWN.LOVE, we will look through the pictures and stories that we receive from folks wearing their I CAME TO GET DOWN shirts, and we will name a featured HERO.

Every time I meet somebody who’s fully engaged in living life, I feel Happy. And what could be better than connecting with lots of these life-living people??? Not much that I know of. So I want to create the I CAME TO GET DOWN community where we can all remind each other to keep Getting Down in our lives. I look forward to hearing the fun that so many other life-living people in our community are having. 

So let’s start a community of sharing Happy experiences so we can remind each other of all the great things this life has to offer. Let’s inspire each other to find the fun in this life.

We all can be HEROES . . .

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